How to Disable snap/snapd services in Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (& How to Uninstall/Remove snap)

The Issue
We want to disable snapd service on system startup/prevent snapd services startup automatically on system boot on Ubuntu or remove Snap completely

The Fix
1 Disable snap services
1.1 Bring up the terminal or login via SSH

1.2 E1xecute following commands to disable snap services

sudo systemctl disable snapd.service
sudo systemctl disable snapd.socket
sudo systemctl disable snapd.seeded
sudo systemctl disable snapd.snap-repair.timer

1.3 Restart the system

sudo reboot

1.4 Now the snap service will not start on system startup

2 Removing Snap

To uninstall snap (If necessary), we need to make sure snap is not used at all.

If we want to uninstall/remove snap just follow the below steps

2.1 List all snaps

snap list

2.2 If there is any installed snap pckage e.g. bashtop, remove all of them one by one

sudo snap remove bashtop

2.3 Find the snap core service directory ID


From the output, under the “Mounted on” column, find the ones with “/snap/core/xxxx”

2.4 Unmount the snap core service

sudo umount /snap/core/xxxx

2.5 Remove all snapd package

sudo apt purge snapd

2.6 Remove all directories (If necessary), be careful with the rm command, we will lose data if done incorrectly

rm -rf ~/snap
sudo rm -rf /snap
sudo rm -rf /var/snap
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/snapd


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